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This one was my first suit I designed.

Comes with the Veteran style helmet which has the side single breather and one tube on the right cheek.

Boasts a 2 12v fan system to keep you breathing clean air. Doesn’t fog up as easily but still will in extreme heat or cold. Runs on 3 18650 rechargeable batteries located on the side of the helmet.

LED lights in the mask give off a red glow but does not blind you. 1 way reflective lens hides your eyes as well. Flashlight is also functional and needs to be pulled out and uses a AA battery.

Has the deluxe version of the NCR Ranger double belted vest + my own shoulder armor I designed. Armor is held in place with faux leather strips.

Includes a duster (what i have in stock) + back tank that is super light and stays put with hot glue.

Weapons included are both the Sequoia and Anti-Material rifle that are both synonymous with the Ranger. Holster and bullet belt are included but can only fit a waist of around 40 inch max without alteration.

Arm-guards are held in place with some stretchy elastic but gluing them directly to the duster is advised with hot glue. Gloves are a very high quality faux leather that is also touch screen friendly!

A flask with the number 13 is also included that i designed myself for a little extra shwag.

Veteran Ranger Options

1 Veteran helmet + LEDs (green or red)
1 Mk1 shoulder armor designed by me (added nov 14/2019)
1 Veteran vest
1 Duster jacket type of material varies!
1 NCR Backpack tank
2 count 3d printed arm armor+gloves
1 Sequoia set (includes holster/bullet belt+10 45-70 fake ammo)
1 Anti-Material Rifle
1 Vault 13 flask

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