NCR Ranger Cosplay. Veteran, Desert and Elite Riot options! + Free vault 13 flask with all parts

19 customer reviews

CAD 1,855.00CAD 2,000.00

Measure your head! I need to know what sized helmet you will need. 21,22,23,24,25 inch are available! If you tell me a custom size and it doesnt fit any returns or exchange shipping costs are payed by the buyer.

Order of suits in first picture is Veteran/Desert/Elite Riot.
March offers a free vault 13 flask with purchase!

Talk to be about availability of style of dusters! They are very hard to find or create. Hooded dusters are not always in stock and i will make due with whats available!
IF there isn’t any that meet your requirements i will just refund the cost of the duster (325 CDN dollars). I can still provide the backtank for its regular cost.
Then you can just buy a duster elsewhere, i suggest dark matter props! I own one as well

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 Size: L/XL us letter

Measure your head! I need to know what sized helmet you will need. 21,22,23,24,25 inch are available! If you tell me a custom size and it doesnt fit any returns or exchange shipping costs are payed by the buyer.


You can omit certain parts of the suit(guns or pieces of armor) and get an instant refund on those items.


These suits can take me a few weeks depending on how busy i am. If you have a deadline discuss the timeline with me before purchase!!
Otherwise, it could be 4-6 weeks to get to it.
Or it could be 1-2 weeks if I’m not busy!

(leg armor and accessories(pipboy+grenades+leather accessories) not included.


Google “rechargeable 18650 batteries 9800 MaH” amazon sells them to power the helmet.
or Aliexpress.


Veteran suit includes

1 Veteran helmet + LEDs (green or red)
1 Mk1 shoulder armor designed by me
1 Veteran vest deluxe
1 Duster jacket type of material varies!
1 NCR Backpack tank
2 count 3d printed arm armor+gloves
1 Sequoia set (includes holster/bullet belt)
1 Anti-Material Rifle prop
1 free Vault 13 flask

Desert suit includes

1 Veteran helmet + green LEDs
1 Mk1 shoulder armor
1 Veteran vest + custom camo paint job
1 Duster jacket with a green color added to the fabric. Unless i have a green material in stock.
1 NCR Backpack tank
2 count 3d printed arm armor+ gloves
1 Sequoia set (includes holster/bullet belt)
1 Survivalist Rifle deluxe prop
1 free Vault 13 flask

Elite Riot suit includes

1 Elite Helmet + LEDs (green or red)
1 Elite Shoulder armor
1 Elite Foam vest with 10 45/70 3d printed bullets+3 pouches
1 Duster jacket
1 NCR Backpack tank
2 count of 3d printed elite arm guards + stretchy straps+gloves
1 Sequoia set (includes holster/bullet belt)
1 All-American rifle prop
1 free Vault 13 flask

1000 dollars insurance shipping coverage included in price ($20)

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 68 × 48 × 40 cm
NCR Ranger Cosplay Style

Desert suit, Elite Riot suit, Veteran suit

19 reviews for NCR Ranger Cosplay. Veteran, Desert and Elite Riot options! + Free vault 13 flask with all parts

  1. Ryan Conrad

    looks beautiful and so well made

  2. Kieran

    This outfit is a beauty. The entire outfit looks amazingly crafted.

    The helmet is the best piece with it’s red LEDs and a miniature fan on the inside.

    The duster looks great.

    The ranger Sequoia came in three pieces and was very easy to assemble.

    The chestpiece was a little akward but was easy to figure out after a bit of messing with the velcro.

    All in all I couldn’t recommend Pauls shop enough.

    Image #1 from Kieran
  3. Jalen

    Fast shipping and everything fits perfectly and feels high quality I’m absolutely in love with it

    Image #1 from Jalen
  4. Jeremy Call

    100/10 recommend this seller. Everything arrived well before it was needed and is all in fantastic condition/quality. Honestly it’s better than I exited and I will definitely be back for others.

  5. Bucket Guy

    Seller is very quick to respond and very helpful with questions.

    For the cosplay itself it’s exactly like what you see in the pictures. All the pieces are very sturdy and well detailed, not to mention it’s a very easy cosplay to put on and it’s easy to move around in.

    The helmet fits very well and the fans are a big help with keeping it on for long periods of time. I’m not sure how to put a battery in the helmets flashlight without causing damage to the paint work and I’m also not sure how to turn on the lazer but other than those 2 things I genuinely have no issues with this product.

    the Revolver came in 3 parts and is very easy to put together with some gorilla glue. the cylinder slides open and can be loaded with bullets that are provided!

    all in all I’d say this is probably the best you can find for a Ranger cosplay.

    Image #1 from Bucket Guy
  6. unknrbl

    The level of detail and craftsmanship that went into this outfit is indescribable. The design is well thought out and extremely detailed even with the customization requests. Also, Paul was very professional, had very a fast response time, and was very accommodating with some of the custom requests.

    Also, the fan in the helmet is very appreciated in the New Vegas heat…

    My only very, very minor issue was the size of the gun belt was too small for me, but that was a very easy fix with an extension.

    Overall, 5/5 and would work with him again for my cosplay needs.

    Keep up the good work!

    Image #1 from unknrbl
  7. Azerin

    Everything looks great gonna take me sometime to get it sorted but I’m happy

  8. Action Ayers

    Very ncie cosplay to wear

  9. Michael Smith

    I just received this item and the shoulder pieces are supposed to have buckles on both sides to allow them to attach to each other in front and back in order to secure themselves on the wearer. However, there is only a buckle on one side. Secondly, this costume is spray painted with no clear coat or sealant causing the paint to come off on your hands when you are helping your son into the costume. Also, I sent measurements along with my order and the sizing is way off, my son is drowning in most of the costume.

    On the bright side, the helmet was an amazing fit and used magnets to secure the front and back giving this costume choice a very high end feel. I just wish that sort of ingenuity was spread throughout the rest of the costume.

  10. Andrew Kahana

    Love the outfit, happy with how the outfit turned out

  11. Connor Pollock

    Quality was very good, any lack in such was due to being mistreat by my countries postal service. Matched description and exceeded my expectations.

  12. Rick

    build quality was superb. paint job was amazing, Paul kept in constant contact and even received the costume earlier than expected

  13. Dennis K

    Very nice, fits perfectly.
    Only part of the helmet came off, but it was easy to glue again. ??

  14. Athan K

    Paul is a really nice guy, he will help you with anything and everything that you need even after your purchase of the product. If you want to customize your suit in any way he will walk you through the process with plenty of pictures while listening to any ideas you have as long as their within his expertise. I honestly can’t recommend him enough. See you in the Wasteland, Rangers.

    Image #1 from Athan K
  15. Loafly Lad

    Its amazing and he was very patient explaining the instructions

    Image #1 from Loafly Lad
  16. Mike G

    Absolutely worth the price! Top notch quality on all the pieces included and Paul was very communicative and helpful through the whole process. Everything fits great. The helmet is super comfortable to wear for long periods due to the built in fans. Highly recommended!

    Image #1 from Mike G
  17. Tyler Baatz

    Very responsive, was always there to get back to you and make sure the cosplay is the way you want it. Delivery was super fast. He was always there to help out when I had questions about the cosplay. Great person to buy through!!!

  18. Matthew Ramos

    Beautiful quality, fits perfectly and looks exactly like it does in the game. Bravo!

  19. Timothy

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