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Here is a look at my 3 NCR Ranger variants. Keep in mind each can be mismatched and stencils/colors changed to your liking. Sizing is customer based if requested otherwise typical men’s Large/XL is the default sizing.

Some of the details like custom leather holsters or ammunition types are not included unless otherwise discussed. No clothes other than the duster is included either. One day that may change if I can find a tailor/seamstress to do em.

I’ve heard Rangers eat nails and spit napalm also.

Desert Ranger

The Desert Rangers were a group of survivalists and vigilantes living in the Nevada area, but who have also been found in Zion Canyon and Arizona. As of 2271, the Desert Rangers have merged with the New California Republic Rangers to form one cohesive group.

Elite Ranger

The elite riot gear is a unique armor and the most advanced model of L.A.P.D. riot armor, superior to the pre-War 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment riot armor. Originally an 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment riot armor that was modified over time, it was the personal armor of an NCR riot control officer in the Divide, supervising the NCR riot operation in the Third Street Municipal Building before its destruction.

Veteran Ranger

Veteran Rangers are the finest of the New California Republic Rangers, who have served long enough and with such distinction that they have earned the privilege of wearing the distinctive NCR Ranger combat armor, also referred to as "Black Armor."[1] The armor is said to be built from former equipment, used by Los Angeles police force during riots.[2] The inscriptions ("For Honorable Service" and "20 years") on their signature Ranger Sequoia revolvers indicate that the Veteran Rangers carrying them have served for at least 20 years
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